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Travel Clinic in Calgary & Pharmacy

From expert pharmaceutical care to specialized travel health services, we are dedicated to providing the finest healthcare experience in Calgary, Alberta

Prescription Refills: Simplifying Your Medication Management

Making it effortless to stay on top of your healthcare routine

Streamline your medication management with our convenient prescription refill service, making it effortless to stay on top of your healthcare routine.

Prescription Delivery At Your Doorstep.

Convenient Prescription Delivery: Healthcare made easy

At our pharmacy, we understand the importance of easy access to medications, especially during busy times or when mobility is limited.

Ranchland Pharmacy Helps You to Travel with Confidence

Expert Advice and Immunization Solutions for a Healthy Journey

From essential vaccinations to comprehensive travel advice, we are dedicated to equipping you with the necessary tools to stay protected while exploring the world.

Prescribing Pharmacists in Calgary

Supporting your overall health and well-being

Rely on the expertise of our prescribing pharmacists for customized medication management.

Flu Shots Now Available at Ranchlands Pharmacy in Calgary

Rely on the expertise of our prescribing pharmacists for customized medication management.

Medical Care Beyond Your Doctor’s Prescription

We provide complete and personalized Pharmacy and Travel Healthcare Services all under one roof, with a genuine dedication to every single one of our clients. We offer services ranging from travel advice, vaccination and consultation, pharmacist prescriptions and prescription refills, and all sorts of healthcare services from a big chain drugstore to pharmaceuticals.

Sign up for automatic prescription refills

We handle prescription refills with your doctors for uninterrupted access to your necessary medications.

Flu Shots

Flu affects everyone’s health this season but don’t you worry because you can get your flu vaccine safely from us!

Travel Consultation & Vaccinations

Best travel consultation in Calgary and advice to keep you safe along the journey. Staying healthy while traveling is key!

Prescribing Pharmacists

Our team of qualified and certified prescribing pharmacists will offer you the best health advice and medications for common illnesses.

Who We Are

Ranchlands Pharmacy and travel clinic in Calgary ensures that professional healthcare is within reach for every community member. We provide prescription delivery right to your doorstep, expert medical advice over the counter from our chemists, prescription refills and many other health services. Ranchlands Pharmacy’s expanding range of health services are making an impact on the pharmacy services that are available to ensure that health and pharmacy services are more readily available and affordable to those in need, especially at uncertain times as now.

Who We Are

Ranchland Pharmacy puts professional healthcare within reach of every community member in Calgary. From subscribed prescriptions delivered to your door to expert advice of our Chemists over the counter, Ranchland’s growing range of comprehensive health services are redefining pharmacy services making expert health advice and support more available, affordable and accessible to those in need especially during uncertain times as now.

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