COVID-19 Vaccination in Calgary |

Now Available At Ranchlands Pharmacy

Now you can easily book your Covid-19 vaccination from Ranchlands Pharmacy located in Calgary. Please note, as per new government regulation in the Province of Alberta, there is a new mechanism in place to book COVID 19 Vaccination in Calgary. All COVID 19 Vaccines must be booked through the Government of Alberta website. Please refer to the step by step instructions given in the website to book your Covid-19 vaccine. As your community’s pharmacy, we are here to help and support you throughout this journey!

Book Your COVID-19 Vaccine

You can book an appointment for COVID-19 Vaccines at Ranchlands Pharmacy through Alberta Government Vaccine Bookings Site. Please follow the following steps to book a COVID-19 Vaccine :


Step 1: Click Book now button below or visit
Step 2: Register and Note your confirmation number
Step 3: Choose your preferred way to Book the appointment (E-mail or Phone Call)
Step 4: If you choose E-Mail, you will receive a link from the Government to Book Your appointment for the vaccination and you can choose Ranchlands Pharmacy as your vaccination location here. You can choose to provide the same information over the phone as well.
Step 5: Our pharmacy will receive your booking information and you can visit the pharmacy on your appointment day and time with your Alberta Health Card.

What you should know about COVID-19 Vaccines?

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines

A vaccine bottle titled ‘Covid-19 vaccine Coronavirus’ with injection syringes for Ranchlands Pharmacy’s pfizer vaccine.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid 19 Vaccine bottle with an injection syringe on the top for moderna vaccination from Ranchlands Pharmacy in Calgary.

Astra-Zenecca COVID19 Vaccines

Image containing Covid 19 vaccine bottles and an injection syringe for astra zenecca vaccine.

Johnson& Johnson COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid 19 Coronavirus vaccine bottle with an injection syringe for johnson and johnson vaccine.

Are you eligible?

Learn more about Alberta COVID-19 Vaccination Program phases, eligibility and timelines by clicking the link below