Prevention Tips for Cold Allergy

Ranchland Pharmacy becomes your go-to source for health care in areas where the shift of the seasons brings with them the beauty of winter wonder and the difficulties of cold allergies. In addition to traditional pharmaceutical services, Ranchland Pharmacy is proud to offer a wide variety of Over-the-Counter (OTC) products that are specifically designed to improve your health. Let’s explore the world of cold allergy prevention today and learn about the OTC remedies and professional advice Ranchland Pharmacy has to keep you well.


What is a Cold Allergy?


This condition is known as cold urticaria. It is a type of physical allergy triggered by exposure to cold air or water causing symptoms like red, itchy hives (red bumps). Individuals with cold urticaria may experience symptoms like swelling, redness, and itching when exposed to cold temperatures. Their knowledgeable healthcare experts can offer guidance on symptom management and recommend suitable over-the-counter (OTC) products to provide relief. Ranchland Pharmacy offers a range of OTC products to address various allergic reactions.


What Causes Cold Allergy?


  • Cold Temperatures: Being exposed to cold temperatures is the main cause of cold allergy. An allergic reaction can be triggered by cold air or water contact, resulting in symptoms including hives, redness, and itching.


  • Cold Foods and Drinks: Consuming cold foods or beverages may cause an allergic reaction in certain people. If the body reacts negatively to the cold temperature of the consumed foods, such as ice cream, icy drinks, or frozen desserts, symptoms may result.


  • Viral Infections: Viral infections may occasionally be a factor in the occurrence of cold allergies. When exposed to cold, the immune system’s reaction to the illness can increase sensitivity and cause allergic reactions.


  • Existing Health issues: Developing cold allergies may be more likely in people with certain underlying health issues. These conditions can affect the immune system’s response to cold.


Tips to Prevent Cold Allergies


  • Identifying allergens: It’s crucial to recognize your personal triggers. With the assistance of our professionals at Ranchland Pharmacy, you will be able to recognize common allergens and take preventative measures to limit exposure and lower the chance of developing symptoms of cold allergies.

  • OTC medications for symptom relief: Our OTC medications are essential for providing fast relief from symptoms. Ranchland Pharmacy‘s range of medications is made to address a variety of symptoms related to cold allergies, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, etc.


  • Hydration for Health: One easy, yet powerful, strategy to reduce allergy symptoms is to drink enough water. Ranchland Pharmacy advises consuming the right amount of fluids to keep your body hydrated and more capable of fighting off allergens.



Beyond just offering over-the-counter (OTC) products, Ranchland Pharmacy is dedicated to providing you with information and customized remedies for your health and well-being. Visit us in Calgary to explore our extensive range of products and speak with our knowledgeable team for expert advice on cold allergy prevention. Your journey to a healthier, allergy-free season begins at Ranchland Pharmacy, your trusted wellness destination in Calgary. You can visit us at Ranchland Pharmacy for personalized advice and find the right solutions for your specific health needs.


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